Hyphenate In-App Chat

Enable your users to chat within your mobile and web app by integrating Hyphenate’s multi-platform chat SDKs and API.

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All-In-One Chat Package

Hyphenate is a cloud-based provider of in-app chat. Our turnkey chat platform enables you to add chat and messaging capabilities into your app at a fraction of the time and cost of building it in-house.

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For Every App

In-app chat benefits mobile apps of all product categories, from Dating to Social Media to On-Demand Services. Chat cultivates a sense of community that mobile app users crave. Hyphenate MIM was built with this in mind – to connect, engage, and retain users.

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Why Hyphenate

Building chat in-house is difficult – we make it easy.

customizable chat


Multi-platform support + UI toolkits for the look and feel you desire.

cost effective chat solution

Cost Effective

Give us a test drive. FREE for up to 5,000 monthly active users.

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Proven infrastructure that supports endless user growth.

Why In-App Chat Matters

Hyphenate enables mobile apps to harness the power of community.

Cutting through the noise in today’s saturated app market is a challenge. In order to build for long-term success, app developers must find a way to attract and retain users. In-app chat is a compelling differentiator that combats the high churn of today's app users. 

chat helps user growth
enhance user experience

Enhance User Experience 

Foster meaningful conversations through social interactions.

grow user communities

Grow User Communities

Empower your users to connect with each other and feel united.

boost user acquisition

Boost User Acquisition

A fluid and engaging chat experience will boost user acquisition.

 Add Chat in 3 Easy Steps

1. Create an API Key

Register for access to the Hyphenate platform, plug in your credentials and create a profile.

2. Connect To Your Server

Integrate your app’s backend with Hyphenate (via RESTful API and Webhooks).

3. Fire Up Your Development Environment

Integrate Hyphenate’s SDKs with your mobile or web app.

Add Full-Featured Chat To Your App Today