Use Cases

What Users Want

Our customers come from a variety of app categories to engage and connect within user communities.




The on-demand babysitting app that modernizes the way parents find, book, and pays trusted neighborhood babysitters.

Reintroduce flexibility to your life with sitters your friends and neighbors trust.

App users are able to book, pay, rate, review, check-in and chat with your sitter - all from within the Bambino app.

Hyphenate’s in-app chat platform couldn’t be turned down after broad competitor product & pricing analysis.

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The social media + running app that gives back.

Runners raise money for charity and help make strides for social impact projects just by running.

Hyphenate enables runners to challenge and motivate one another, and share meet-up locations for group runs.

The need for active-inspired and dedicated user communities made Hyphenate the clear choice after a “build-vs-buy” analysis.

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The social media app that makes it easier for fans to interact with their favorite stars and get noticed!

Fans can post thoughtful content and upvote each other for their favorite stars to see.

Stars will see the most upvoted posts and respond to their fans directly!

Hyphenate helps engage fan communities with chat rooms, enabling thousands of fans to chat and meet new friends.