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In-App Chat Platform

Hyphenate provides the platform that enables developers to add chat into any app.

Save time and money with our proven infrastructure.

hyphenate mobile instant messaging

Hyphenate's Chat SDKs and API

A powerful, scalable, and robust chat platform built to engage and retain your users. We give you the ability to add chat seamlessly into your mobile and web apps.

Scalable Infrastructure

Hyphenate’s hosted platform scales as your users grow, delivering high concurrency and reliability.

customizable chat

Customizable UI

Hyphenate provides the chat front-end UI Template, so you're in control of the look-and-feel of your app.

simple chat solution


Plug and play integration reduces the time, effort, and resources needed to add robust in-app chat in your app.

optimized for mobile

Optimized for Mobile

Hyphenate's patented MSYNC protocol ensures successful message delivery and optimizes data and battery consumption.

multi-platform solution


Hyphenate supports Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C and Swift), Web (JavaScript), and React Native.

security chat


Hyphenate is ISO 27001 certified and maintains privacy and security with OAuth 2.0, TLS/SSL, and encryption.

Hyphenate Client Server Relationship

How it all works - a peek at the underlying implementation of our in-app chat platform.